How to perform Wudu-Method of Wudu

If you want to know about Wudu A to Z in detail, then this article help you. After reading this article You will gain a lot of knowledge. you will not need to read any more articles after this.

Assalam-u-Alaikum! Dear readers today I am going to discuss “How to perform wudu” step by step everything. After reading this article from beginning to end you will learn the Correct method of Wudu and important things about Wudu. There is a strong probability that you will become aware of several Mistakes. Insha Allah.

How to perform Wudu

Wudu (Ablution) is necessary Before any Salah (Prayers) without performing wudu Salah not be accepted. So you should know How to perform Wudu properly.

Obligations of Wudu

Obligations (Faraid) of Wudu are Four (4). If not performed correctly then Wudu will not be performed.

Almighty Allah says in Qur’an, “O believers, when you rise for Salah (prayer) then wash your face and hands up to the elbows and Moisten (wipe) your head and your feet together with your ankles. (Surah-Al-Maida)

  • Washing the Face
  • Washing both arms including the elbows
  • Moistening (wipe) a quarter of the head
  • Washing both feet including the ankles.

Sunnah of Wudu

Some important Sunnah of Wudu, these Sunnah should be performed to give fullness to Wudu.

  • Making intention (Niyyat) before wudu
  • Using Miswak during Wadu
  • Start performing Wudu with Name of Allah (Bismillah).
  • Washing both Hands, Rinsing mouth, sniffing water into the nose, washing the face, washing feet All should be done three (3) times.
  • Maintaining consistency of Wudu (washing the face first, then the arms, then wiping the head, then washing the feet.
  • wiping the whole head only once
  • wiping the ears.

Mustahabbat of Wudu

Some beautiful Mustahabbat (Extra deeds), it’s very good if you can do during Wudu.

  • Facing The Qiblah
  • Performing Wudu at an elevated place
  • Performing Wudu sitting
  • Performing Wudu calmly
  • Rinsing the mouth using the right hand.
  • Using the left hand to clean the nose
  • Using both hands for washing the face
  • Rinsing the mouth using the right hand.
  • Inserting the left hand’s small finger into the nostrils
  • Wiping the back of the neck using the back of the hands. (Bahar-e-Shariyat )

Method of Wudu

How to perform Wudu

First of All, make intention (Niyyat) for Wudu then Recite Bismillah. Wash both hands up to the elbows three times each and afterward do Khilal ( to intermix fingers of both hands to dampen the gaps ) of the fingers. Now use Miswak three times in the right & left upper & lower teeth and after each cycle, rinse the Miswak.

Now rinse your mouth three times with handfuls of water using your right hand making sure that water reaches all parts of the mouth and gargle as well if you are not fasting. Now sniff water three times in the nose up to soft flesh using three handfuls.

Now clean the nose with the left hand and insert a small finger inside the holes of the nose. After that, Wash the whole face three times such that water must flow on every part from the top of the forehead ( the point where the hair naturally begins to grow ) to the bottom of the chin and from one earlobe to the other.

If one has beard then do Khilal of beard by inserting the fingers into the beard from the neck and bringing them out towards the front .

Now wash the right arm from the tips of the fingers up to the elbow three times and then wash the left arm in the same manner.

Now perform moistening (wiping) of the head (Look to the 6-number picture above to understand ). Now moisten the back of the neck using the back fingers of both hands. Now wash both feet three times, first the right and then the left up to the top of the ankles.

The benefit of Dua After Wudu

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whoever performs complete Wudu and recites the Kalima Shahadat, the eight (8) gates of Jannah (Paradise) will be opened for him. He can enter with whatever he wants”. (Sahih Muslim 1/209, Mishkatul Masabih-289)

Dua After Wudu

Makruhat (unpleasant) of Wudu

Some unpleasant thing you should avoid during Wudu

  • Sitting in a vile place for Wudu
  • Spitting saliva, phlegm, or rinsing the mouth in the direction of Qiblah
  • Splashing water on the face
  • Cleaning the nose with the right hand
  • Blowing onto the water while pouring over the face.

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Reasons for nullify Wudu

  • Passing something through the toilet and urinary tract (urine, air, insects, etc. (Hedaya)

It is narrated by Abbas (R.A.) that surely the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whatever comes out of the body, the Wudu is invalidated for it” (Sunan Kubra Lil-bayhaqi: 568)

  • Come out of the body blood, pus, or water. (Hedaya)

When Abdullah bin Umar (R.A.) had a nosebleed, he would go back and perform Wudu. (Muatta Malik: 110)

  • Vomit full of mouth

Narrated by Ayesha (RA). she said, The Prophet (ﷺ) said, ‘Whoever vomits, or bleeds from the nose, or come out Muji (white water) then he should go back and perform Wudu.'(Sunan-e-Ibn-e-Majah: 1221)

  • Sleeping

Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RA). The Prophet (ﷺ) said, Wudu does not invalidate if you sleep in Sijdah, but if you fall on your back (due to sleep) Wudu does invalidate because if you fall on your back the body becomes loose.(Musnad-e-Ahmad:2315, Sunan-e-Abu Dawud: 202)


Wudu is necessary Before any Salah (Prayers) without doing wudu Salah not be accepted. So you should know clearly about Wudu and perform Wudu properly. I have discussed “How to perform Wudu” and mentioned everything in this article I hope you understand clearly. After that, if you have any questions then you can raise your question in the comment box below. You can also read the FAQs section below. there is many Question and Answer Abeille.

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Abdul Aziz


Q: What is the definition of Wudu?

An: Wudu (Ablution) is an Islamic act of washing some parts of the body (Hand, face, feet) and wiping some parts of the body (head, ears, neck) before performing Salah (Prayers)

Q: Does Henna invalidate Wudu?

An: Henna does not invalidate Wudu. it’s just a color that can’t create any layer on the skin and which can not prevent water. any color on the skin which has no layer does not invalidate Wudu.

Q: Does kissing wife invalidate Wudu?

An: Kissing Wife does not invalidate Wudu. there is an important thing you should know that after kissing if Mazi (Thin water) come out then Wudu will be invalidated.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally touch text of Qur’an without Wudu?

An: If you touch the text of the Qur’an Accidentally by mistake without Wudu then nothing to do and there is no problem or sin for that.

Q: Do I have to do Wudu before reciting Qur’an without touching and reciting Darood Sharif, Duas?

An: Performing Wudu at these times is not compulsory. You can recite Qur’an, recite Darood, and Duas without Wudu. but it’s recommended to be with Wudu as much as you can.

Q: is it necessary to do Wudu for Janajah Prayer?

An: Yes performing Wudu is necessary for Janajah Prayer. without performing Wudu you can not attend Janajah Prayer.

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